Fiance Never Satisfied With Job


I am new to the forum, and have found many of the postings very enlightening.  My fiance has recently been diagnosed with ADHD.  I suspected it ever since I first met him, because he had a lot of traits that reminded me of my sister, who also had ADD.

My fiance copes fairly well, for the most part.  The thing that drives me CRAZY, though, is his lack-of-satisfaction with his job.  His current one, and every other job he's ever had!  He's been working in IT for about 10 years now.  In the 3.5 years we've been together, he's had at least 5 jobs...none of which he's been satisfied with.  There's always something.  Either it's that someone at his company 'has it out for him', or there's no chance for advancement, or the atmosphere is sterile...His current position he's not pleased with because he was reprimanded for using the internet at work, though the person reprimanding him uses it frequently.  I really try to be sympathetic, but it's so tough.  I just keep thinking, suck it up!!  Most people aren't in love with their jobs...I guess I just think he has unrealistic expectations.

Any advice?  Do you think he's just in the wrong field?  Or, would some counselling help?  Or, is it me who's wrong? 

He was taking biphenton, but doesn't really feel it's helping.  I am trying to help him find a psychiatrist; he basically 'fired' his last one, because she was late for an appointment.

Thank you so much for reading this, and any help you can give me!!