Final straw. Not sure how to cope anymore.

Over the last 28 years, my wife has been just unbearable. I can have the same conversation ten thousand times and every time it's like we never talked about this before.

No matter what I do, it's always wrong. I follow her around and make sure she functions because she can't on her own. I have to make her breakfast 99% of the time because she can't manage time. God forbid she has to make me breakfast. Once or twice a year at best. She will set her plate on the hot element and then blame me for burning herself. Yesterday she told me that asking her if she wanted her eggs and toast now was too much pressure.

It's one thing to have to treat her like an infant. I get that I have to carry her so that she can make it look like she functions to others. I could even be 100% ok with that and no hard feelings. But, when everything I do is cut down, I just can't keep going. 

If she would say, 'well crap, I didn't manage my time well again. Sorry, my ADD is bad today' I could be fine. But I get the opposite. Everything is my fault. 

Someone tell me something other than 'just take it' or I'm gone.