My wife had promised to seek ADHD treatment over the summer now that we no longer have weekly meetings with our son's school counselor.  Nothing happened even though I sent her lists of in-network providers.  Then her therapist said he did not believe he was able to help her and said they should take a break.  She still did not schedule an appointment with one of the ADHD specialists I had sent her.  Then she rolled the windows up in the car without telling me, painfully trapping my hand.  She did not open it when I yelled "OW! OW! OW! My hand is trapped in the window!" several times.  She finally lowered the window when I specifically yelled "Lower the window!"  We had a big fight after that and I told her she needed to find someone to help her with ADHD.

I sent her a shorter list of ADHD therapists and she has finally made an appointment with one of them.