Finally getting help, but I am scared it's too late

Hey all, hubby is in counseling, I am in counseling and last week we went to a marriage counselor.  He is now on meds also.  However...I have this horrible feeling in my gut that it's just too late.  I just don't feel like I am in love with him anymore, and I am not one to forget past hurts very easily.  I wish with all my heart and soul that I felt in love with him.  I don't want to be in love with anyone else or to start over.  I am just so incredibly pissed at what this has done to me and to our marriage.  All the wasted years feeling like I was nuts or a bitch or expecting too much.  I am filled with resentment and grief.  I wish I could flip a switch and convince my heart that he is doing his best and to just love him.  We had it...the relationship dream...we were the envy of other couples.  And then a veil was lifted and I realized all these years most of my depression/health issues was coping with his untreated ADHD.  And in a way, I wish the veil had never been lifted.  I DESPERATELY want to feel in love with him again.  This disorder is absolutely devasting, and people who aren't in this bubble have no clue what we are going through.