finally know the truth

I don't need this forum any more guys. I finally know the truth, but thanks for being there for me. My husband FINALLY admitted to me this morning, that he's been in love with someone else ALL THESE YEARS. His old college flame. They talk every once in a while. NEVER LIVED TOGETHER. We are separating and getting divorced. I'm going to live with my daughter. He's been living a LIE all these years on TOP of the ADHD. I am relieved to know I can TOTALLY stop obsessing about ALL THIS JUNK now. He's never been IN LOVE with me, he admits. Well, what about that? I wont be back, I don't think, but thanks for always listening to me, and all your great advice.

    I'm glad I know now. It's much easier to hear a hard truth than it is to live a LIE.