Finally realized that wife has ADHD; What do we do now?

My wife and I have been married 22 years and have two daughters, 15 and 10.  Over the last couple of years our youngest has been diagnosed with ADHD.  As she was growing up I'd often say "You are just like your mother."  Little did I know what the implications of that statement meant.  Over the years of our marriage my wife, and others, have joked that she was ADD/ADHD, that I needed to control her spending, etc..  Now that she has been diagnosed I realize how much of a toll it has taken on our marriage.  I've felt alone and like roommates for years but have chalked it up to just being married.  This website, and Melissa's recent book on ADHD in marriage, has made us both realize what the impact her ADHD has had on our marriage (what relationship), finances (debt because of impulsive spending), volunteer involvement (over committed to others), parenting decisions (couldn't say no to the girls or discipline them), chores (laundry always behind, house cluttered), etc.  It seemed liked we argued about everything.  I often thought much of this was the result of her parents' divorce when she was 11 (her mom dumped all of her adult problems on her).  Combined with all of this is that I have been clinically depressed twice (once 11 years ago because of my career - 1 in 3 lawyers are clinically depressed at any given time - and again about a year ago after going off of Effexor XR on my own - bad move).  What I have found out about myself is that being in this type of environment - especially with an ADHD child - is mentally and physically exhausting.  Frankly, I was at my wits' end and in survival mode.  I love my wife and daughters dearly and do not want to get divorced.  Our recognition of her problem has given me great hope.  In ways I feel like a load has been lifted off of me.  She has talked with her mom at length and she finally realizes that my wife is ADHD after she really started being honest with herself about her ex-husband's  (my wife's father) and former mother-in-law's behavior.  My wife is now trying to find the right medication but we both know that will not, by itself, be enough.  The bottom line for me is this:  Recognition is fine but where do we go now?