Finally...words that express where I am at...

I am not sure the link is working on this.

I am somewhat numb and relieved(?) after reading this article..

It is faith based so there may be some who don't wish to check it out, however it is also human nature so if you want to take GOD out of it....feel free. There are MANY here that I believe will BIG TIME RELATE to the "body" of the words.

It is a long read but will draw you in like a good novel. The title of it is Reconciliation with a Hardened Wife......I know, I know.......I DID NOT like the sounds of it either......BUT I forged on and am SO glad I did. For does relate adhd was the beginning of a journey for our marriage that has led to other discoveries often attributed to adhd but in further discovery are not attributable to it. I hate seeing behavior linked to adhd that IS NOT. Misunderstanding of what is and isn't adhd is serious business. It cannot be said enough.....if BOTH parties do not embrace the adhd there is little chance of a HAPPY thriving marriage.

I am interested in hearing what others think of this.