Finances in ADHD-affected Relationships

This topic came up in the Slug Box and I decided to create a new topic.  As in many relationships (both ADHD-affected and not), money and finances have caused stress in my relationship.  Here are some things I've done to protect myself and my children from what I would call my spouse's financial irresponsibility (checkered employment, doesn't deposit income regularly, pays bills late, is afraid to talk about money)  Please feel free to share your techniques and comments.

I set up a checking account solely in my name approximately four years ago.  All my income goes into it.  My husband has a checking account that I'm joint on.  He deposits his income in that account.

I pay almost all the family- and household-related bills from my checking account.  I then ask my husband to pay me an amount equal to half the joint expenses (usually once or twice per month).

I have a pension plan through my job.  

I contribute to my own IRAs. My husband used to contribute for me, when he had enough income to do so; I appreciate that he did that.

I don't ask my husband to contribute to my personal expenses (food, health care, dental care, clothing, etc.).  Similarly, I don't contribute to his.