Finances and support for non- ADD spouse


Thanks so much to this community.  I don't even know where to begin.  I fell in love with my recently adult-diagnosed ADD husband and like many of us had the life-changing, you are my soulmate romance.  I call it the Summer of Love.  WE got married after 1.5 years and moved into a large home becasue my husband has a lot of equipment and stuff from his former business, and marriage. After being married for four years last January my ADD husband and I went to couples therapy and did some of our individual work too.  Unbekmost to me he went off of his medication (adderall), and blamed me for our bills being so high (I accept part of that), but also was so confused because the less I spent, the less he earned.  He admits to stopping to care about work becuase he says that it would never be enough. He is self (sole) employed and if he isn't at his desk working then no money comes in.  I came into the marriage with some of my own money but I have had to sell stock and went through my cash savings to also pay for bills. Right now he is taking an occasional dose of adderall becuase he doesn't like the side effects but also doesn't want to try other meds or pay the exorbitant price for it.  At 61 he has absolutely zero dollars in savings, other than what's in our home, which we each own equally.  He has agreed to take the couples group seminar with me in a few weeks.  He is in denial about his ADD and how it has affected our financial safety and our marriage.  I did speak with a financial advisor and an attorney and they both told me to get out of the marriage asap, because if he has other debt or gets sick or whatever I am on the line for his debts.  Have any of you been in a similar position?  Did the ADD spouse learn to see their actions and change?  I'd love some feedback and support.  I will be taking the non-add group seminar, and can't wait for both seminars to get started.  We own a truck camper and have a loan on it and he insists on going skiing midweek so that he doesn't have to deal with the crowds. He put in a Starlink for the internet so that he could work but of course, he gets into relaxation mode after skiing.  Help, please.