Financial Progress

For the past year, my husband and I have been working together to limit my (mindless) spending.  I never used to count myself as a big spender because I don't buy things for me generally, but for the kids and the house.  However, it really added up and something needed to be done about it.  Well, after a year of living frugally, we have saved so much money that my husband, who has far more financial and budgetary acumen than me, said we have enough for a family trip to Disney World, and plenty of money saved on top of that.  

I NEVER thought I would get a handle of my finances.  I am proud of the progress I have made, and vow to never return to budgetary La-La Land.  I have finally realized the difference between need and want, and fewer items purchased means less clutter entering my home; a definite win-win.