Finding ADHD Coach

Hello!  I really need help!  Everytime I search for ADHD coaches (or some variation thereof) I just get TOO MUCH INFORMATION!  I have ADHD!  I can't deal with all the information!!!  I need to find some kind of reliable listing of recommended ADHD coaches.  I have a hard enough time following through on even pursuing this, much less the thought of going through a few different coaches because I end up having to start with "A" in the phone book, so to speak!  PLEASE!  Does anyone have any recommendations for either a specific coach or a reputable site to find one through?  I've looked at the CHADD and ADDA sites, but I haven't had any luck - true, I have not read every single category on these sites, but I can't!!!  I've done Google searches, I'm even a paid member of Angie's List (which has unbiased reviews of a variety of services) and haven't had any luck there either.  HELP!!!  I want to change and I need help!!!  Thank you!  :)