Finding Compassion

Hello All-

I've just landed on this site. Have been feeling despondent and frustrated and maybe even a little sorry for myself and decided to be proactive and find a support group. Just reading your posts has been HUGE for me. I realize I am not alone, that my struggles are shared. Doesn't make them go away, but does make them easier to bear. My current challenge is a sense of burn-out. Near 30 years of coping with a partner with ADHD (he's been medicated for 8 which helps with focus, but not much else), and just finding myself at times truly, deeply burned out. You all know the drill- three decades of lonely hyper-coping, hyper-managing, picking up after endless unfinished tasks and projects, dealing with hyper-reactivity, screen addiction, endorphin seeking addictions, etc. I know I am preaching to the choir here. Ending such a long term marriage doesn't feel like an option for me- three grown kids with whom we are very close, a very entwined life, and my husband is a fundamentally good person- but I do know I would fare better if I could come to a place of continued compassion. So, do you find a way to compassion through burn-out? If anyone could answer that question it is you, those who have found a way not just to live but to thrive in these relationships. So appreciate any input, and advance thanks for your time!