Finding Fires

My husband was recently diagnosed with ADD about 6 months ago. He is seeing a therapist but progress is very slow. He is a really nice, good hearted person. I am constantly finding fires that he created and then I have to help find solutions to put them out. Two weeks ago he bounced a check to the IRS for our payment plan because he forgot to put money in the account. This week I found out he maxed out our credit cards. Even though I look to make sure things are going smoothly something slips by me. And I'm going insane searching for problems before they happen. It seems like we have to have a plan for everything. I can't trust him to do the little things or the big things like he says he will. After 13 years of this i'm exhuasted. How do you put all the anger and frustration aside, fire after fire and still love or even like your spouse with ADD?