We need help!!!! Finding A good therapist seems impossible!!!

My ADHD husband and I have been struggling for several years with symptoms from his ADHD. I'm finding our story is the same as many of you, after reading through the forum and reading "The ADHD Effect on Marriage". So My Husband has finally agreed to search for a therapist, take medication, or whatever it takes to treat these symptoms that are causing turmoil in our day to day lives. Now I feel like we are at a stand still. The very few therapists we have found that deal with adult ADHD are booked months in advance. Others specialize in children or do not deal with ADHD. I am afraid if we do not get the ball rolling while this is still fresh in my husbands mind it will loose its importance, and he will forget everything we have discussed and how I am feeling. I know my marriage is not a life and death situation to others, but if we do not find help soon, It could mean the death of our marriage. Which is something that we both believe can be avoided with the right help.