Finding Items / Refusing to Shop

My ADHD Husband has a habit of finding discarded items when he takes walks. Today he came home with a pair of gloves he found. He was wearing them! It kind of grosses me out to be honest. He's found headphones and other random items that end up in our house. I feel like people throw things away for a reason - but he claims he's "rescuing" lost objects.

He also doesn't ever take the time to buy himself new items. Instead of buying new shoes - for example - he wears my old ones! His coat is old and falling apart he has holes in his pants. I cannot remember the last time he purchased any new clothing or shoes. I feel embarrassed to go out with him! He's starting to look a bit homeless to me. I've told him all this - but his habits persist. I've also noticed that he will hide found objects because they upset me.

In the past I've purchased him clothing - but this made me feel uncomfortable because then he basically does nothing for himself - or for me - except occasionally empty out the dishwasher - or purchase a frozen pizza for dinner.

Anyone dealing with a similar situation?