The fire pit FINALLY got started but...

This fire pit idea of H's has been brewing since January. He killed the grass in February where he was going to put it and we had a 12' x'12' area of dead grass for months Last month he finally got a tiller and tilled up the dirt and grass in the area. Then that sat for 3 weeks with nothing happening. Saturday he got sand and gravel delivered. We got tarps for both items to be dumped on but they were no way big enough so we've got sand and gravel falling off onto the grass and into the neighbor's yard because our houses are so close together. The pile of gravel is HUGE and now H says we won't need it all for the firepit. Great, so now we'll have how many wagons full of gravel left over and is it going to sit on the tarp killing the grass for months? We had to rent this gas powered machine to compact the gravel and sand and it is $70/day/ H thought we'd only need it for a day. We worked for 4 hours yesterday and aren't even 1/4 done with the thing. So now we'll probably have to rent it for the entire week which will cost ME $250.

Then there's the whole mowing the grass thing. H gets SOOO upset when I say I'm going to mow the grass. He tells me to just chill out and not get so uppity about it as he will do it. He told me on Wednesday night that the grass definitely needs to be mowed this weekend. Well right there was the kiss of death because whenever he says that I KNOW it won't get done. So I decide that I'm only going to work a 1/2 day on Friday and that way I'd get home about 2 hours before he'd get home from work and could do it before he got home and have it over with. I tell him Thursday night that I'm taking a half day and sure enough he tells me that he has a doctor's appt on Friday so he's just going to take the whole day off! Of course you are because a 20 minutes doctor's appt means you can't go to work at all! WHY do you do that and WHY do you schedule these appts for the middle of the day when you are off work at 1:30 and have plenty of time to schedule them for after??!! He finds any reason possible NOT to go to work. Like the whole reason he went in to see the doctor on Friday was to get a note to put him on light duty for the next month but he forgot to get it and at noon on Friday he tells me this and says he'll just get it on Monday. Well I knew that meant he wouldn't go to work today because he'd have to go get the note and he of course can't go into work after he gets the note. So back to the mowing. I was itching to mow the yard all Friday afternoon as I wasn't doing anything and he was just sitting on his computer but didn't. Then Saturday morning we ran errands and after 2 hours of that well he's just too plumb tuckered out to think about mowing and plus the sand and gravel got dumped in the yard so he's not going to mow then even though once again I was itching to mow and no reason why I couldn't but didn't want to upset him by doing so. Sunday was spent working on the fire pit and that will take us through next weekend so there won't be any mowing for over a week anyways and the yard is getting overgrown (which he doesn't see as overgrown at all!). 

I HATE having an unkempt yard and I hate the fact that I basically pay the entire mortgage and all the bills every month but can't mow my own yard without him going apeshit over it! The fact that if I want to mow I have to take off work early to come home to do it before he gets home so he doesn't freak out about it and then find out that he's once again not going into work so me taking off early was for nothing. If I mow I'll get the silent treatment from him or he'll just be very sarcastic and snide towards me.