First day on treatment

Today is my first day managing my ADHD. For background, my damage includes inattentiveness as well as some "#nofilter" style communication, and just about everything else. Today, was great. The whole thing is a combo of routine, meds and a few sound bytes from the many helpful people in these forums, YouTube and elsewhere. Not only have I got a lot done work wise. I worked out, chatted with our preschooler, had bfast with my wife after driving back across town to get something she accidentally left at home, folded the clothes and now I'm taking a break to write this. I feel "normal". I'm a high strung wheeling dealing broker type guy at heart and that's basically who I've been all day. I have been balancing chores and calling and following up. Admin does not feel like a burden. It feels like I have all this time squeezed into each segment of 10 minutes just to help me get stuff done. The good: — The negative voice that has always tried to interpret the world in a magically depressing way is (not gone) but shut in a room in another part of the house! — I'm not making impulsive decisions for a dopamine hit. No more "ooo let's eat a canoli" three times a day or trying to get a rise out of my wife or an acquaintance by saying something to wind them up. Now I realize I had been like a chihuahua running around figuratively dry humping everyone to fulfill some weird need for excitement in my own head! Man o man... — I'm realistic with my time allocations. No more toggling between "I have all the time in the world" and "omg I need to do it NOW!". This is due to both the skills I'm applying and the meds that help nix the adhd "internal voice filibuster" — I'm waaaay less critical, probably because the voice is not there. Silly statements from friends/fam, uniformed service people too fat for fitness regulations (my longstanding pet peeve), perceived racism and loud noises no longer bother me. I don't want to judge and be harsh anymore. But I still need to work on: — The verbal filter. Still have a tendency to motor mouth, overtalk people and make assumptions. — The mounds of clutter that have accumulated over the years both literally and figuratively will take some effort to clear up, but I can start tackling these now. — The inevitable "low" I'm going to feel when the meds wear off in a few hours and the voice and procrastination come back! (not looking forward to this btw) — self management. I would say that 75% is the drug and the rest my intentions, application of some advice I've learned for adhd and the good way people treat you when you're not in the usual freak mode. But the impact of taking this stuff daily on my health needs to be considered. Can I get similar results from more non-medical intervention and a lower dose or less frequent dose at some point in the future? I'd love to know. — cutting back on coffee. One one cuppa day's the way forward starting tomorrow. Don't need the focus boost like before and now I just feel a tad bit too jittery after a morning joe + afternoon doppio machiato! (if Redbull gives you wings, Vyvanse and caffeine give you a set of three stage rocket thrusters! ). That's all for now. Anyone else care to share their first experiences or feedback on the above?