first time and need advice and help

So here I’m again… with so much anger and pain inside… trying to find answers and help. At least I’m being good at not saying things at the moment, I’m trying to stay calmed and think a lot.

One day he said no matter what we’ll never divorce (I’m not even close to be sure about that). You know what hurts me is that all of this life it’s about him… him having to move here, there (he’s in the military), does he ever care that I changed to a different country where I didn’t evens spoke the language? That I left my family and career just to follow him? And at the point where I actually find something else to do with my life besides being a wife and a mom then he hates it so much he could leave me for it ( I bake wedding cakes)? Are you serious? After me moving and changing my completely life to do whatever he needs me to do? Are you kidding me? Where’s the love and support? I could scream right now… I could leave right now …. What could I do? He’s so unfair. He’s pretty good at transferring guilt… whenever I don’t agree with something then that means I’m complaining. Man I’m so frustrated right now… I so wish I could cry with somebody

I’m not perfect, not even close, after a 3rd glass of wine I put my concerned face… he said that I needed to leave him alone with that! That I ate too much sweets and I needed to stop eating sweets (I’m not even fat and come one, my job is being a baker).
Help God… help me