First time sharing my frustrations

My wife of 2 years has been diagnosed with OCD and ADHD. She is going to cognitive behavioral therapy which has helped although when she reacts to stressful situations, and finds away to make me apart of the problem. Reason goes out the window. In counseling we agreed that when I recognize that she has been "triggered" that I should say a word that we agree on and I leave for 1 hour. During this time she is supposed to fill out work sheets to help discover the root of her stress ... Hence excluding me as the problem. She will not do the work sheets. In a couple of hours we will be like newlyweds. This is great but sooo unpredictable. Since she is far more sensitive hten me and I am a bit too easy going ... Things tend to go her way although I do stick up for myself. I still feel like a door mat. I'm writing this ... Here because I need a voice. With others who share my joys and hardships with having a spouse with OCD & ADHD. She will here me later ... But for now I ca speak to you all. Thank you :)