Fish Oil

I understand that fish oil is beneficial to someone with ADHD, is it the fish oil itself or the Omega 3 thats in it?  The problem is that my husband will NOT take fish oil, as it leaves a bad aftertaste (his words), we have tried 4 or 5 different kinds.  I know I could get him to take flaxseed oil (high in Omega 3) if it was for the Omega 3.  Can anyone help he out here?  Thank you in advance!

Nordic Naturals (costly, but

Nordic Naturals (costly, but worth it) make a very good fish oil capsule that does not cause the 'fishy burps' that some long as you don't take them with hot liquids. (such as coffee). I got some for my husband, but he didn't take them as he should I have no idea if they are helpful or not but I have heard many people say they are.

Thank you

Luckly my husband will take whatever I hand him, so I know he will take it.  Is that something you have to get online or can you find it in a health food store?

They sell them locally

They sell them locally can search for places that sell them if you go to Nordic Naturals' site..I think. They are very high quality and I think would be best when being used for something as serious as ADHD, ya know? I give my dog the cheap drug store brand ones for his arthritis...and they who knows. :)


If you take them before you

If you take them before you go to sleep, the fishy burpy smell is long gone when you wake up. I take 3 at bedtime. If i take them when i'm still awake watching tv, i can taste them. So i usually take them at between 11:00 - 11:30 pm.

I just get mine at Costco

I just get mine at Costco (cheap), and take them at bedtime, as Pjloops mentioned.


My best friend's mom works for Carlson Labs (which sells multivitamins and stuff, I guess? I'm not trying to plug the company, but she's a sales rep and is familiar with the product).  My friend recently (yesterday, actually!) asked her mom what my husband should take in regards to fish oil. This is her reply:

She might want to start him on our Elite Omega-3. Two soft gels perday are at the right amount to get his omegas in balance. We have atie pack (90+30) that would be for 2 months and my price is $14.95.

I haven't received them yet, but i was recommended to not just buy the generic kind from the grocery store. Possibly because of the fishy burps?  Anyway.. passing on the recommendation I received, hope it's beneficial!  Like I said, I'm not trying to plug the company, but I trust the person who gave me the info, otherwise I'd just be guessing.

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Freeze you fishy oil

I keep mine in the freezer; it helps keep the capsule down and reduces the fish burp 100%