I am not sure yet, but my own diagnosis of my husband is a form of adhd.

One symptom is watering. He waters plants, trees, and the grass with the hose for hours. HE thinks he is doing something important. When I come home and ask what he has done say for the last 3 hours, I can see all the puddles and wet sidewalks. He waters sometimes daily, sometimes only 3 times a week. But even when it has rained the day before, he waters.

Then there is the online hearts. I saw a number of games he had on a counter in the corner of the screen and it was over 2,000.  In the meantime, I do almost all the household work. HE of course says he is busy with the watering.

And if I go out for the evening which is very very rare, twice a month, he is usually passed out in a chair drunk from alcohol.  HE drinks mostly when I am out of sight. But I keep some track of empty bottles and cans, so I know when he has been hitting it.

To make matters worse, he operates large vehicles for a living. So he can't really go on adderall or retilin probably, or lose his job.

There is a lot of mental illness in his family, so this is not a stretch. But he thinks I am the whiner, unappreciative, exaggerator. 

One more thing. He loves to do "random acts of kindness" for people on street, at church, kids school, etc He is all over the map. People tell me what a "hero" of "prince" he is. He won't even take out the trash or pick up the kids without a big deal.