Flylady is great source of help for those NOT born organized

Hi - I am not born organized. My husband is the ADDer and really unorganized. That said we still have problems with the household,

HOWEVER I found the and she is so encouraging and inspiring and the forum is really supportive . First I found the book in Borders called 'Sink Reflections', then discovered the website. She sets up routines to keep the house in working order.

She write lists!

She works for 15 minutes spurts (most of the time.)

One of her mottos is 'You not behind, just jump in where you are." She helps people get out of C.H.A.O.S. (Can't have anyone over syndrome), declutter the house and keep on top of the chores. She refers to housework has blessing your house. 

There are some ADD sites (i think the Australian government is one) that endorsees her to manage ADD.

I don't do everything that she suggests...I think that it can be a little overwhelming working outside the house and having two little kids and an ADDer husband. However, it has been so helpful.

With Flylady I have a printed list of morning, afternoon and evening routines. I check my calendar everyday. My mornings are calmer because the clothes are laid out the night before (but I need to work on always making lunch the night before.) I can show the list to my husband and ask him to pick one of the items. Then he feels like he has freedom of choice, but still does something. This is a goal of mine to get better at asking him to do something everyday (he is home three days a week with our daughter and all day with 2 kids during summers and school breaks.)

I really encourage everyone to check her out. You can youtube her as well.

P.S. To Fly stands for Finally Loving Yourself. Most members are women (duh! How many men would find a site for home maintenance, but there are some!!) And there are lots of reports of how husband - and all ADDers finally getting more organized.

P.S. II The other thing I like about her is that she used to be really messy. So I don't feel like I am being preached to by someone who does not understnad why messy people are messy.