Focused on himself

I write this out of frustration like so many others.  I am mentally exhausted from feeling like my significant other doesn't care about my feelings, concerns, stories, hurts, you name it.  We have been in a long distance relationship for over 5 years.  Over the phone this morning, I begin to tell him about a weird dream I had. The dream stemmed from anxiety I've been having over his lack of attentiveness and availability to me.  It was a dream about a shoe and when I lifted the tongue of the shoe, I could magically see he was exchanging texts and emails with others about naked women and scantily clad women.  His response: I like scantily clad women.  Then he goes on to talk about how busy he is and how he is trying to get things done to his house over the weekend because there's no time during the week and how sore he is from working and how his muscles need time to heal.  So, I try to circle back to my anxiety and he tells me I need to tough it out and moves on to another topic of his choice.  I try again to bring up my anxiety and he says he doesn't know what to tell me and then again says, 'I need apples to juice this morning and need to go out to the garden for some Swiss chard'.  At this point I am getting pretty frustrated.  I am quiet for awhile and then say, before the kids wake up I need us to talk.  I tell him I am frustrated and need someone to talk to and I'm not sure how much more I can take.  Nothing.  Silence.  I ask him what he's doing and he says, 'about to watch a Trump video'.  I call him out on it and he proceeds to tell me how he doesn't have time to talk because he has a TON of house work to do and reminds me he only has 2 days to do it in over the weekend.  I point out his choice to go hunting the day before and if he had that much work around the house to do, then maybe he should have stayed home. Get this. He actually said the day before doesn't count and that only today does.  But, you said you only have 2 days, is my response.  Yea, so what, is his response. THIS is everyday. THIS is our relationship.  I've recently lost 41 lbs. I'm very happy and proud.  Here's our conversation:  'I'm down into a new weight range now and I've lost a total of 41 lbs'.  He says, 'that's great, you're doing really great.  I weighed in at such and such and well, I need to quit snacking so much and start walking like I used to to get my blood pressure down.  It's just (still him talking here) hard since I work so much and when I get home I don't have time to do much of anything else.  I think Randy is coming over this weekend (still him talking) and the guys will be here ready to go hunting...And it goes on, and on, and on.  I tell him a story and he, in so many words, says 'and, now back to me'.  He contradicts himself all the time.  I really am super frustrated and need a place to vent.  Thanks for 'listening'.