Food intolerance for ADDers

I wanted to let everyone know of a food issue that may help those suffering with ADHD. My partner has been on this diet for just a week but it has already made a huge difference. He is much calmer (now I'm the stressful one waiting for him to flare up again!)

Basically, some common chemicals in foods, including fruits and vegetables, can cause ADD/ADHDers to act up. Salicylates in particular have commonly been linked to ADHD symptoms, and the absence of them (and sometimes other food chemicals) have helped many people.

People would need to do a pretty strict elimination diet to know for sure, but even just a trial of cutting out high salicylate fruits and vegetables, preservatives and colourings can help an awful lot.

I can't encourage you enough to do some exploring of your own, you'll see the evidence is substantial.

Here are some sites for further info:

or actually even just google "salicylates adhd"

Has anyone else tried eliminating salicylates and amines?