forgetting a dose

oof....  I left home today and halfway to work I realized I had not taken my Adderall.  I felt like my brain was a wet sponge.  I made stupid mistakes, thought it was Thursday (instead of tuesday) for an entire hour. Almost got hit by a car crossing a street... And just plain confused/exhausted the whole time.  20 minutes seemed like an hour and by the time I got home and tried to have a conversation with my husband, I couldn't form a sentence.


Any advice on what to do when you forget a dose and you don't have any with you to take?  Just load up on caffeine or energy drinks?  I've never been able to drink one of those because they taste so bad, but today I would have if I'd remembered they existed and had the money to get one.



It's like when I wake up in the morning... So foggy... I hate feeling that way. Sometimes I'll lose track of time for my 2nd or 3rd dose and I'll realize how bogged down I am getting, then reach for the Adderall. I keep Adderall in my man purse (laptop bag), my key chain and the medicine cabinet at home. A little source in several locations to help prevent this from happening :-)





Yes, foggy.  and like swimming in mud.


My fear with keeping pills in several locations is that my kids might get to it.  (ages 2&4) 


Not good for kids, for sure... Mine are older, I'm not older, but They are :-)

No Fog this morning, I hope...


Medicine Solutions

My solution for for myself:

I keep one of those pill minders (days of the week compartments) in my bathroom to take my medicine and vitamins each morning.  It also helps if I can't remember WHETHER I took my meds or not--I can easily check the compartment for that day.  THEN I keep the rest of the bottle in my purse so that if I realize that I forgot to take my medicine, I've always got it with me!

My solution for my ADD son:

Same thing with the pill minder, although I keep his in the kitchen so I can see if he has taken it or not.  We usually try to give it at breakfast, but there are days where he gets his own breakfast or we just have one of those "crazy mornings."  And of course if I can't remember to take MY OWN medicine, you know I forget to give it to him too some days! :)  He used to keep the pill minder in his bathroom and manage it himself, but that did not work as well because it was not easily accessible to me to check behind him.  And there are lots of mornings where I never even go upstairs.  Then I also keep HIS rx bottle in my purse so we have it on the way to school or wherever in case one of us remembers that he did not take it yet.  I ALSO put one spare pill in a separate bottle and give it to the school nurse so that in the event that he gets all the way to school before one of us remembers it, or if I come home and see from his pill minder that he did not take it, I can just call the school and ask her to give it to him.  Some days he has remembered on his own and he knows he can go to the nurse for an extra (of course she calls me before administering).  Then I just have to remember to replace the extra dose for her (she just keeps the empty bottle until I bring her another pill--I think it is required that they have the bottle).

IF we remember before about noon, we generally go ahead and take it.  After noon, it is a toss up because it will keep us up at night.  Depending on the day and/or evening activities, sometimes I will still take it or give it to my son (e.g., if he has a baseball game or I have a social event, etc.).  Hope this helps!  

This summer our son is doing a medication holiday (so he can EAT and hopefully grow some!), so I only have to remember my own meds right now--yay!  And I forgot mine yesterday too--maybe there is a full moon or something?  Ha!