I Forgot Father's Day!

Well, kind of!


I took the kids shopping last weekend for presents and hid them in the basement but I was so busy this week and yesterday I forgot to wrap them. They just totally slipped my mind.

Then this morning the kids got up earlier than usual so I climbed out of bed while hubby was asleep and put on the cartoons and started breakfast. Hubby comes downstairs and says good morning and I have my back to him cause I am cooking and say good morning. Then he just stands there behind me for a minutes. Then he says "WELL??????" and I'm like huh? I turn around and he is in his #1 Dad t-shirt and grinning his head off.


OOOOOOOOOO crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Was that today?


So to cover my butt I told him I was making his favourite breakfast. Good thing there was bacon in the fridge! And his surprises weren't ready yet so how about he take the dog for a walk? wink wink  He giggles all happy and heads out the door.

I'm in panic mode! I pull the presents out and the wrapping paper and tell the kids they are now officially old enough to wrap presents so get to work! Child labour is a wonderful thing! Then I start making his favourite omelette instead of scrambled eggs like I was going to do and start frying bacon.


He is playing with the kids in the kiddie pool right now and later we will go out for dinner.


Whew! That was a close one.