Format for ADD screening?

The disclaimer - this is my first post to this site, so if I'm not doing this the right way or in the right place please steer me to the proper forum/format.

The short version: my husband was given a screening test for ADD that came back negative. I have not been able to find this testing method listed anywhere and would really like more information about it and its accuracy.

The long version: my husband was encouraged to investigate the possibility of having ADD by his counselor. It had been suggested years previously by a friend who is also a clinician, and by me, (not a clinician!) but he was not receptive to the idea until his current counselor suggested it and I pushed for it. His family, friends and co-workers filled out assessment forms and he completed his own. They supported a diagnosis of ADD. When my husband went to his primary care physician with this information the doctor (an internist) wanted to do more screening. My husband went somewhere, he was pretty vague about the particulars, and was tested by typing series of numbers he was shown. I can't be more specific because that's all the information I have from him about the process.

Much to his relief, he passed with flying colors! If they had asked him to find his keys, wallet, glasses, or phone, the results would have been very different. But he was a computer programmer for years and he loves working with strings of characters. Of course he did well. In my experience, this test hardly addresses the challenges and obstacles he and I deal with on a daily basis.

As much as my husband was relieved, I was disappointed. It's a touchy subject so I don't want to try and discuss other testing options with him if this is in fact a valid assessment. Are any of you familiar with this assessment, and more importantly, do you have confidence in its ability to screen for ADD?