found an email

So yes, Iooked at my ADHD husband's email--you would think I would know better--I always find something upsetting.  And sure enough--two emails, one from yesterday and one from two days ago from a woman he met when he was inpatient for a week in the psych ward two years ago telling him he will always be the man she loved most and all she has now is memories of a few wonderful weeks.  How she wishes she had tried harder to make a life with him and HIS BOYS.  WOW.  While I can tell you I couldn't care less what he does with her, she will NEVER get near my sons.  She was inpatient for self harm, addiction, a whole host of sad and troublesome behaviors.  How bizarre.  I wonder what they did during those "few wonderful weeks"??  He had not replied to her and I cannot say anything because I should not be checking his email, but jeez--really???  She sent him a youtube video of Barbra Streisand singing The Way We Were.  For gods sake.

Do you ever wonder if it's you?  If there really is someone else out there who could manage your ADHD spouse better than you can and please would they try so you could have a break????