Turns out it's MY fault husband couldn't go to work today! Who knew!

So if you read an earlier post of mine from this morning you'll see that H once again didn't go into work today.  He had a root canal appt at 10:45 but I see his text to his boss this morning at 4AM stated that he had a dentist appt at 7AM and didn't know how long he would be.  Okay...a 7AM dentist appt? They don't even open around here until 8AM! He never did call or text after that about not going in even though he never went in to work. How does that work?! How does this man still have a job??

So anyways just now as I was cleaning up after dinner he tells me "Yeah I just couldn't get myself up for work this morning thanks to you bringing home that Fireball whiskey on a Tuesday. You NEED to bring that stuff home on Friday's not during the week okay." So it's MY fault that you had too much and couldn't get yourself up??!! I should have known that you couldn't drink it during the week? Was I holding a gun to your head and feeding you shots? You drink 4 or 5 beers every night and get by fine! You drink whiskey and water all the time and get by fine. But you do a few shots of fireball and it's all my fault? I say to him "Oh really? it's ALL MY FAULT?" He immediately goes into pissy mode and goes "I'm just asking you this one simple thing. Could you please do that from now on?" I said "I can just go ahead and hide it from you" and I barely could get those words out before he goes "No how is that going to do any good? You'll still be drinking it". Really? Says who? So you don't want me to hide it from you but if it's there you're going to drink it. And it all comes down to being my fault you couldn't go to work! Classic!