Frustrated & Fed-up

I am so tired of being with someone who wants me to be less or quieter than I am. I have ADHD. I speak emphatically when I'm excited, etc. I have an excellent job and am the breadwinner. He has aspergers syndrome and hasn't had a job in five years. However, I am the one who walks on eggshells. His sensory sensitivities are just not something I'm equipped to exist with. He views my ADHD as an excuse to discount my behavior. And you know what, I love my behavior. I am just tired of wasting my time with someone who waters me down. Every damn moment of my day is spent TRYING to filter my actions by what will upset him. I see that this forum supports sticking together and working it out, but who says that;s the best advice for all? We have no children and I depend on him financially for nothing. We have been together for nearly seven years. At 42, I refuse to allow myself to waste more years of my fading "youth" trying to be what something else and feeling less than I am. I like who I am. Through medication (just introduced this last year) and self-introspection I am a capable, fun-loving person who feels suffocated. Any comments or advice anyone has would be appreciated.