Frustrated to no end....

Hi All!

My daughter is ADD not ADHD and we went to see  a speaker on it, just happened to be Dr. Hallowell! Low and behold as we were finding out things it was dawning on me this is my hubby as well.  He's been diagnosed as clinically depressed because of his anger outbursts but from hearing Dr. Hallowell and reading on Adult ADHD I believe he is depressed and ADHD as well.


Not sure what to do. Been married 11 years and am filled with such resent in my hurt. I am still talking and not done totally with him as I do love him and our 3 kids and do not want to break up our home. But the more he does things without even asking me. not helping me sitting in front of his computer all day.. If he does watch the girls for me I have to call to remind him at whatever time for what needs doing. Like eat at such such bath at such such bed at such such..

He's into video editing and is always having a new project to deal with. Yells at me because I don't know how it is to be a video editor.. And to me my response is you try to run a house by yourself. I survive because I have my mother in law who adores me and is such a help I can't imagine life without her and I have my mom nearby. They are my helpers. I have no emotional support and very minimal support in household affairs.. my adhd daughter's homework my problem, cooking my problem, finances my problem.. He does do the dishes/make the bed but it took me 10 years to get those things into a ritual for him.  And he does cut the yard and take out the trash. But the handling of all the emotional crap and household stuff is horrible.


Just looking for some suport I guess........... Man our lives seem they can be so hard.