Frustrated with poor time management

My husband was recently diagnosed with ADD.  He started on medication about 3 weeks ago.  We have both been doing quite a bit of reading and have recently been trying some tips provided in one of the books to keep him on task.  Last night he created a card catalog with chores and stuff that needs to be done around the house.  Today he had set three cards aside to complete.  Cat box, dog poop and sweep the kitchen.  He got up at 0700 this morning.  When I got home from work at 3pm he was just starting the floors.  He stated to me that he liked having the cards but he is still having trouble with time management.  The cat box and dog poop might take about 5 minutes each.  So where did the remaining 7 hours and 50 minutes go I ask?  Any tips on how he can manage his time during the day.  Oh, I forgot to mention he is unemployed at the time so he has all day to complete these tasks.