Frustrated...please help!

I am so utterly frustrated. I've spent the past year in a relationship with a newly diagnosed ADD partner. Since his diagnosis, all he has done is use medication to cope with the results ADD can have on his life, work, and our relationship. I suggested in December of last year, in addition to using medication, that he should think about learning about ADHD, and understand it better. He said that he would definitely do some research to gain a better understanding, but until this day, he has yet to do any research. I am so frustrated because when we are on track, things are great. We've spoken about marriage, but I am not sure if our relationship will even be able to reach that point because he has not learned to manage his ADD. It has gotten to the point where its more and more difficult to remain patient. I've done alot on my part, and continue up until this day to continue my education so that I can manage how I react to things, and to him. At this point, I'm beginning to feel that I am wasting my time, as I feel that the success of our relationship will require both of us taking on the responsibility of learning how to manage the ADD in our relationship. He tells me that he wants to and knows that he has to do it, but wanting to do it and actually doing it are two different things. He doesn't take the steps to even start. I really don't know what to do. I can easily take control of the situation and think about the biggest issues in our relationship and brainstorm methods, then present the information to him to get his thoughts; but I feel that I am enabling him, or being a parent; it also leaves me feeling that he really doesn't have enough enthusiam or really WANT to do it at all. I'm frustrated because I do love him, I know we could have a successful future but what can more can I do?