So frustrated with my counselor right now...thinking it really isn't gonna work out and that I need to find another one, AGAIN!!!  OMG, yesterday was my second appointment and it didn't go well.  I was very upfront with him during the first appointment that I was NOT looking for a divorce and that I wanted to work on my reactions to my husband and strategies to deal with his ADHD.  And once again the counselor (number 3) is only concerned with what my "exit" plan is.....I DON"T WANT AN EXIT PLAN!  He feels that because my husband will not come to counseling with me and that the issues have continued for years that I need to "realize that these are deal breakers" and "no one should have to be in your situation".  When I tried to explain why I have stayed and why I am trying like hell to save my marriage..he basically told me that there was nothing to save and that I was rationalizing the situation to much.  Really?  Cause he doesn't deal with this on a daily basis!  This from a counselor that supposedly specializes in marriage counseling and ADHD!!!  I was bawling on the way home, I just want help...not another person telling me how wrong I am. 

Thanks for letting me vent! You guys are awesome!