Frustration in life

i had a love before my marriage..due to my parents compulsion i left my love and married the guy for my family changing my mind .but my second life looks bit hard..i m trying to adjust myself in all ways..but he expects me to take responsibilty which i dont want to take now.i m generally a thin female .. yesterday he told me that he wanted morning he says he is sorry for what he did yest..he wants to earn more money..i was working before my marriage but now i dont have work permit to work in this country..whevever he comes home he wants to spend life with laptop...i cannot share this with my/or his parents...i dont know what to do..i hate life...i dont know for what i m living...he doesnt want me to take even out...once he took me out due to his mothers compulson..i had never said about my earlier love to him..i thought of saying..but now i m so much afraid..that he will surely get divors if i say this....i m so much worried...both my parents and in laws side they want a kid now...but in this stage i dont know whether i wil get one or not...i m so much frustrated ...please help me...i dont want to loose my second life too since i m already hurted......

so sorry

does your husband have adhd or isnt diagnosed u need to find outside help honey because u cant do it on your own.docters groups anything or anyone u urgently need surport u cant live like this u will break noone deserves to be so unhappy im so inspired how u still stay and trying to find your way and not giving up but if u want to keep goin in this marriage u need surport and u cant do it on your own please find surport u deserve to be happy

good luck and dont give up

tell us more...

what would it take for you to get a work permit again? would your family think it was ok for you to work again? what is it he wants you to be doing, that you can't take on right now? do *you* want to start a family now, or is that everyone else's idea? and will they help with child care when there is a baby, or will that be your job? please be sure to take good care of yourself! nobody else can do that for you, I wouldn't want you taking care of babies when you have so much pain already! good luck, lupin