full of thoughts,

I am about to read my second ADHD book,now "driven to distraction" I am more fond in finding information and learning more about ADHD and how it affects the ADHD person himself,well it is also "of course" helping me in my relationship with DH,and I have been, and I must say, much much better with myself and dealing with the disorder.Anyhow, I still have a lot to learn and to encounter as well, something just crossed my mind while reading the great book and I was "AGAIN" wondering what made me think something was wrong with dear hubby?to actually land at blogs and forums in the first place,it can't be a normal argument between two people that always tend to happen so then what?even though I knew that deep down inside these fights were out of the ordinary,I never looked at it as a "disorder" and then I thought very carefully what made me so enthusiastic to find answers?.Looking back at a social event we had a couple of months ago,DH and myself went to visit a good friend an entrepreneur,a fine respectful gentleman,so we sat down with a few laughs and some good wine,later guess he had coming"unexpectedly" arrived at the good friends house, 2 women,who seem to be looking for action,if you know what I mean,and then came the surprise,I left to do bathroom duties, and then DH felt the need to ask for numbers exchange,but,there we are having fun,with a few I love you's later, and lots of hugs at the side,so what was missing from me that he felt the need to have 2 numbers,upon reaching home he stopped to get something at the grocery,and he left his wallet in the car,I somehow went through the wallet looking for god know's what,and I found the lovely two number's,well,I don't have to go into details after that,we all know what he said,"the girls gave it to him" and he was drunk so he did not know it was there.

I went home the next day and started thinking that maybe he has a different problem,now I am thinking he's a womanizer,or maybe a S addict,one or two lead me to ADHD, and the controlling behavior's I encountered with him over the last few month's being together with DH,to hoots with that now,my real reason maybe in figuring out ADHD in me, to one day help people in my small island of whom is not aware of it fully,I have been studying it a lot, and I would love to help other's one day with this problem, I am thinking maybe a coach.I have a long road ahead of me to do so and if I succeed I would be modified.