Do we all have symptoms?

I am also beginning to suspect I have some of the characteristics of ADHD myself. I am very energetic when interested in something, passionate and excited, can be wildly creative. Very very low boredom threshold. But I also have a very good work ethic, and get things done pretty well most of the time. What does anyone think? I have been the partner in the marriage who took full responsibility for everything (reluctantly) as a result we live in a nice house in a nice area, and all the kids are clean and fed. Is it possible to have just the good bits?

if you have developed ways

if you have developed ways for coping with it most of your life then, yes, adhd can actually be a good thing. my house is clean, my kids are clean, fed and very happy, i play with them all the time. i just get overwhelmingly stressed at the end of the day about little things that didnt get done. kids are asleep by then . only problem is it eventually will catch up with you , esp. if your husband has adhd

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Functioning with ADHD

I really don't think I do have it, I seem to follow the exact pattern of the non ADHD partner - reluctant 'parent', reluctant sole breadwinner, reluctant only adult in the house (we have extra teens we look after as well). Reluctantly having to be hyper efficient and organised, as no room for me to fail as no back up. Very very stressed, but still capable of joy and of remembering what a great guy husband can be when he feels like it.