Funny story I heard on TV

CBS Sunday Morning did a profile of James Carville and Mary Matalin. He is so hyper that he says one day a doctor approached him at an airport and said "I've been watching you for 5 minutes and I think you have ADHD." He got diagnosed and treated and it improved his marriage a lot. If strangers can see it, why can't the ADDer him/herself see it, or their spouse?

I asked myself the same question.....

I didn't really have a full understanding what adhd was and had thought it was what the excuse the kids-who-got-away-with-murders parents used to explain them never sitting still in school. Now that I have a very firm understanding and am doing everything in my power to educate myself, I see it all around and realize how wrong my previous perception was . Also, I was too close to the problem for many years and it started slowly, like boiling a toad, so it took years before I realized there was a fundamental flaw that marriage counseling and communication could not fix.

So true

Since reading about ten books on ADHD in the past few months, I too, see it everywhere.  I noticed a friend exhibiting all the symptoms on a recent trip, and the next night at dinner he told us all he'd recently been diagnosed and started taking meds because his daughter was diagnosed and he realized he had all the same behaviors.  I think it's a Catch-22.  The very thing in the brain that causes the ADHD symptoms is also what prevents them from noticing the symptoms or being able to work on them.  How frustrating that must be for them, and how frustrating it definitely is for us!