I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading everything you have to say. You have a lot of valuable insight to offer to all of us. I belive you are an asset to this Website. I wish you luck in achieving your educational goals!

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feels like I might just belong...

Thanks for your post. I'm staying; it feels like I'm actually making a few friends here. It's hard for me to be supportive, patient and compassionate towards those who talk about all their frustrations with their adhd partners because I already hear it all the time from my (ex) partner, and I am realizing that it is just as hard for the nons to be supportive, patient and compassionate to the adhders on this site. But lately it seems I've developed that kind of relationship (going both ways) with a couple people on this site, because they are dealing with major frustrations in their relationships just as I am, and I am feeling how powerful these positive connections can be. I am looking forward to giving my support, suggestions, understanding, and encouragement to the people on here who are still trying so hard in their relationships with their adhder (whether the adhder is trying yet or not), because I respect them for doing and being the very special (and apparently very few) people that they need to be, to relate with us. I can imagine how much harder that would be especially when the adhd person does not acknowledge the extent of the impact it is having, and won't take steps to address it. And I also appreciate and need the patience, support and understanding from them in return; it gives me the encouragement to keep working on myself that I never got in my last relationship.

This kind of exchange is really a totally new experience for me. A lot of people just come to vent about their 'opposite' , but I believe we need each other to come up with ideas, and receive the meaningful sense of acceptance and understanding that we all, adhd or not, sincerely need and deserve.


Fuzzy - glad to see you are

Fuzzy - glad to see you are back.  I enjoy hearing what you have to say because you are one of the few somewhat positive folks here.  I saw on another post that you have split with your significant other - so sorry to hear that.  I always feel like things happen for a reason though you can't exactly see it at the time.