Game Plan

Can anyone offer me advice on how I can leave my relationship with my ADHD husband?  It's gets worse by the day.  He has and is destroying me and my life.  He says he can't help himself and I cry everyday because I'm being abused.  We're not even married a year and its getting worse to the point I have suicidal thoughts. 

I don't know how to end it and I need to save myself.  We are living with my parents because he lost his job and refuses to work.  I have a very good job and launched my own company on the side.  We have quite a bit of debt that we collected together but its all in my name.  He also detroyed my new car...he got into an accident but I paid to get that fixed but now he burnt the engine and its 6k so add that to the 20k I owe on the car plus the credit card debt.  I seem to get ahead and then financial burdens come about due to him.

I miss being happy, I miss having someone be nice to me, I miss just being me.  I'm at the lowest point I've ever been.

I beg you all to please give me any advice.  How do I know if we seperate that he will help paying the bills...I've carried all the weight and its not fair for me to take such a large burden.  I'm maxed out with my time, wellbeing and finances.

I'm looking for a game plan...steps I should take to get moving in the right direction.  I'm all ears so please all your advice will be greatly appreciate.

Thank you.