Dh is EXTREMELY a perfectionist when it come to GARBAGE.  He pulls everything apart and categorizes the garbage.  He has pails and boxes lining all the walls in our garage with things he thinks he has to process by taking out every nut and bolt and saving them.   He told me I MUST wash out "with soap" all the empty jars and glasses and soak and peel the labels off of them before throwing them away.  He spends most of every Saturday "processing" the garbage. His side of the garage is like a hoarder's - filled to the brim and no room for his car.  He sits with screw drivers and pliers smoking, drinking beer and listening to the radio while "putzing" with rusty, broken stuff.  He has accumulated so much old broken stuff that, if he were to actually take it all apart, it would take him a year of full days to accomplish.  The pieces do not get recycled or thrown away, they are stuffed in the back and growing mold, rust and spider webs.  

He built refuse bins in our yard but doesn't upkeep them.  They are dilapidated eyesores that are expanding into our once beautiful wooded path.  

Anyone have an idea of what this obsession with dirt and garbage is?  I might guess that in his mind, he is a great guy working to save the planet, but it is unbalanced and creepy.  When someone finally does clean out the garage one day, all the pieces will get dumped together to get recycled or thrown out.  But he insists he MUST do it this way.  Instead of using his time to work at a job that would make money and support the family, he thinks he has a valuable stash in metal junk and that he is smart that he doesn't have to "work".