getting diagnosed to see if ADD is what i have

I was born with meningio encephaloceal anterior. Part of the lining or the meningis of my brain -frontal lobe was in my left nostril and i leaked spinal fluid until i was 3 years old and had brain surgery. After the surgery I began to drip spoinal fluid again froim the same place and so I had a second brain surgery. As a kid I was hyper active,disruptive and was picked on and teased unmercifully by my pears. I have as an adult been impulsive,I interrupt people,my mind wanders ,I have the attention span of a gnat and I have a lust problem that I keep in check.I do so by avoiding looking at erotica.My sons and I are rabid pro wrestling fans. I am 51 years old,. My second wife and I have been married for 24 years and ---ohyeah ---I pastor a church. So I went to the VA to try to see if what seems obvious ,is a fact ,do I have ADD?I did this to see if I can find help to be a better United methodist pastor. So after a 4 hour battery of tests I failed one out of 6 . Since i only failed one that had to do with problem solving and behavior I was told that as a result of damage to my frontal lobe I have a probnlem with inhibiting behavior and with inflexability in solving problems. I still think I have ADD. I did not get a P.E.T scan nor did the VA give me an MRI. What say y'aLL?