Getting him to understand...

I'm already frustrated with the hubby going back to school. He's been at it a week and half and has already missed all four of his classes once and has been late to all. He keeps up with his school work and does well on his assignments and tests. But I'm afraid his instructors are going to throw him out for missing class or being consistently late. Honestly, I think if you can keep up with the work load and make good grades, then not coming to class shouldn't matter. But the school admin doesn't feel the same way apparently.

Hubby says that he gets five absences and that may be true for some of his classes, but not all. I read the syllabus for one class and it said one two unexcused absences are allowed. I'm trying to detach, to let go of the situation, but it drives me crazy that he's not making this priority. He's really at the sink or swim phase of his life. He's 31 and hasn't held down a full time job in four years. He says he knows that a lot is riding on getting his degree, so why does it feel like he's not making an effort. He stays up all night and expects to be able to get up after only three or four hours of sleep. I'm in tears because I'm so frustrated. I tell myself I'm not going to care, that if he's fails, it's his fault, but it's so hard to stand by and see this! Every time he's late or doesn't get up in time, I get upset. I want to scream at him to get it together and quit screwing up his life, but I'm not allowed to. I have to be supportive. I'm trying to hang in there. He's scheduled to see a doc who specializes in ADD next Friday. I've just got to pray that he doesn't burn his chances with his instructors before then.

OK, vent over.