Getting Married

My gorgeous boyfriend and I are getting married this weekend!!  So excited. Yes he has ADD and I am a worrywart but between the two of us, we complement each other in all the right ways.  Sure, we still have days when the world gets on top of us but generally these issues are not ADD related - they are just part and parcel of a long term, committed and loving relationship. Generally I do not post on here anymore, hell I even barely check the site.  I have had too many people on this forum try and bring me down simply because I am happy and my partner is happy - and we are living with ADD.  Some people on these forums simply refuse to believe that is possible.  I understand where their resentment is coming from but why not be supportive of everyone on here, rather than be intent on dragging them down?

If you are new to being with someone that has ADD just remember that not every story is a bad story.  Remember for all those personal stories posted on here that are full of hurt, anger and despair as a result of ADD, there are many more stories out there that involve working, functioning and healthy relationships dealing with ADD.  My boyfriend says he would never trade his ADD for anything.  And neither would I.  It makes him him and has given me a better appreciation of how to treat people who may interact with our world a little differently to what is considered the "norm".  Best of luck to everybody.