getting things done with an ADHD spouse or former spouse

I'm not angry or frustrated any more about the issue below, but I know most people here read the Anger and Frustration group topics, so I decided to put it here. Spouses and partners of people with ADHD, how many of you relate to the following? My divorce was final in May. I had two primary goals with the divorce: crafting a fair and close to equal division of the property; and arranging the divorce process and post-divorce matters in such a way that my now ex-H would have to do as little as possible. So, for example, although it's not necessarily better for me financially to have the house, it makes total sense from the point of view of my and ex-H's relative strengths, because if he had the house, he wouldn't be paying the associated bills, he wouldn't be cleaning it up, etc., etc., but I am doing those things. In early June, I contacted our investment adviser to initiate the paperwork needed to separate our accounts. When they sent me things I needed to sign, I did so and sent them back immediately. Today, I got around to setting up my online access to my accounts, and discovered that ex-H and I are still listed jointly on one of the accounts, which, according to the divorce agreement, is now ex-H's. I contacted the company, and the adviser's assistant told me that she has tried to contact ex-H several times and he hasn't responded. Ugh for her, but not a problem for me. Yay. NOT MY PROBLEM!!!