Gf ignores my texts

I’m in a long distance relationship with my gf (who was dx with ADHD years ago) for the past 2 years (friends for over 10) and for the last  2 months it seems she hardly answers my texts like she used to. It can sometimes go on for days with me texting her before she replies (and when she replies, it’s not for long periods of time like we used it).  Even if she did, she wouldn’t reply to previous questions I texted her. I know she is busy with finals for her university lately, but I’d think she’d at least acknowledge me. I feel like she’s gotten bored with me and ignores me. The thing is, she said she loved me last week. Though sometimes I feel like I’m being a pest, I worry since she lives alone in a not so great apartment building. And I miss when we chatted all the time, including flirting and such. The thing is when we do text finally, she never asks why or isn't  mad that I've texted her so often. I plan on finally visiting her in the coming months, after telling her I couldn’t see her when she asked me to see her at the spur of the moment in September. This is when I feel when this all began. Has anyone been through this before with these texting problems? I feel hurt, lost, confused and questioning things. Should I question her on this and my speculation why? It’s causing me stress and anxiety (and I’m trying to do self-care and hope to see a therapist). Its an emotional rollercoaster since this has occurred. When I posted about our 2nd anniversary on Facebook the other day congratulating us and telling her I love her, she used the love option to acknowledge my post. So all this baffles me.