What kind of love?

I feel like the kind of love I give and need is a different kind of love dh gives and expects. 

His: R.E.S.P.E.C.T on demand, lust, sparring, games of one-up-man-ship, dirty talk, smooth talk, joking, volleying for position, getting attention by being bad, holding tight to boundaries out of fear believing that withholding is dignity, keeping dignity by withholding, being sexy. ALL FOR THE SHORT TERM.  

Mine: Trust, faith, partnering, building, holding hands through life walking together through good and bad times. Attraction to integrity and nurturing each other to grow and be well. ALL FOR THE LONG TERM.  Dh seems to find that boring. A mature person knows that marriage is made of this sort of love and that it takes effort and communication.

Do you think this is ADD related or life choices and upbringing?