Giving up and having nothing left to give

It seems that therapy, medication, and books have done little to give me a spouse that treats me with respect and kindness. After tens of thousands of dollars of intervention and years of effort I just have nothing left.  How can anyone be happy living with a person who gobbles up all of the resources and sucks the air out of a room. I mean basic human decency like not taking other peoples things, not saying rude things, not cutting people off when they talk.   We can't even get to real relationship needs because basic human interaction can't be managed.    I have found zero real help from anyone. Medications have made him able to cook an omelet without crying but he still can't allow another person to have feelings.  Everything anyone says he has to say the opposite of. Its just pointless trying to explain basic human interactions to a person who ultimately isn't going to use that information for anything that means something to me.    Wish I had never gotten involved with "treatments" I should have e spent that time and money on a divorce.