giving up, hiring personal organizer and a maid!


Well, I'm giving up!  Let me husband has severe ADHD.  I work 4 10 hr shifts a week and was also the full time organizer at home.  I would work a 10 hr day and come home to a 4 hr mess each night.  No matter how much I talked, told, and tried, the mess is never resolved.  I trip over the same pair of sneakers at least twice a day, I pick up the same wet towels from the shower each day that are thrown all over the floor, close the cupboard doors that are left open, and make sure all the burners are off after cooking.  Anyways, that is just a small sample.  I really can't do it anymore, the actually clutter is adding so much distress, and arguing, to the marriage.  I really can;t see myself living in such filth the rest of my life.  Ladies, he even yes, sneezes on the same area of the wall and emmm, gets his ...all over it!  I mean gross!  I yell at him, try to make him feel guilty, everything, and nothing works.  I do realize that most of these things, forgetfulness, and inabllity to organize are all because he has severe ADHD.  He says that I have to realize that he tries to clean but it takes so much mental effort to be able to do it.  Anyways, so to get to the point, I'm fed up with fighting with someone to do something they are unable to do, and I am so busy I am unable to do.  So solution, I'm hiring a personal organizer to come into our home and help my ADHD proof it, declutter, and organize!!! Then 1x a week I'm having a maid come in.  Ladies, were worth it, why fight it, join in with me and just give up! ;)  I'll let you know if it works?!  

I think this is an amazing

I think this is an amazing idea if you can afford it. I really do feel that anything that can be done to eliminate even the smallest of battles is well worth it.

Please let us know how it goes.

Good Idea!

I am the ADHD spouse and even before we got together I know that I can't keep a house well organized. I have had someone help me for the last 8 years. Otherwise I obsess and hyperfocus and can spend 4 hours cleaning one tiny bathroom. It will be a relief to you both.

  Update, I did hire a


Update, I did hire a professional organizer for $125 for 3 hrs of help, OMG!!! It was almost better than any money we have spent on therapy!  She is also an expert on organizing for people with ADHD and autism.  What a big help she was.  I highly recommend it for any couples struggling with saves tons of fighting over the small stuff...

My husband had diagnosed ADHD

My husband had undiagnosed ADHD and so his house was a hoarding mess. I have thought about hiring someone but honestly thought it would be too difficult. He has such a variety of stuff-- handyman stuff, beach and camping stuff, backyard mechanic stuff, all kinds of gaming systems, SOOO much. He still has the cords for every cell phone he has ever owned. I couldn't imagine getting someone in there. But your post is making me think of trying.