Giving up with a smile and a shrug

Ok, so I've given up. I'm divorcing my severe ADD husband of 22 years.

I thought I'd feel compassion now. Instead I mostly feel contempt. He's made my life a mess, leaning so heavily on me. It seems not even to have been helpful that I overworked for us. He's just been miserable, lost all his confidence and his health living with me.

He'll probably be better off without me. That thought makes me almost nauseous. As were the hard years all for nothing. 

When I was young I used to think it was important to live life in a way that one wouldn't regret. I still think that applies.

Since it is probably equally important not to become bitter, I guess poor life choices are just to be shrugged at though. Ok so I picked the wrong man. I didn't know at the time. I did the best I could with the choice I made. I failed.

Everybody's life is hurtled away in a disappointing direction at some point or the other. In the forum, so many of us share long-standing pain, emotional turmoil and deep disappointment. Why should my life be any different.

I guess at this point it's best to just give up with a shrug and a smile. I'll try it.

Thank you everyone who has responded for your help and comfort.